Furniture rental for diplomats

Furniture rental

Furniture rental, an interior for diplomats!

Moving to the Netherlands as a diplomat requires a lot of organisation. Finding the perfectly furnished home can often be very difficult. The offer often does not satisfy your personal taste or is not suitable for your family size. Moving-In offers the perfect solution! A completely styled interior for every budget, which you can rent per month.

Thanks to our experience in working with and for embassy’s, diplomats and sheiks, we know that you value a properly styled interior. This is why we work together with a stylist specialised in creating a luxury and homely atmosphere. This way, upon arrival, you will be able to enjoy a completely decorated interior with furniture that has been selected according to your personal taste. For temporary interior design, Moving-In is the right choice!

Furniture packages for diplomats

To simplify quotation requests, Moving-In offers several pre-defined furniture packages. This way, a tailor-made quotation, ranging from basic to complete, can easily and quickly be requested. Matter of course, we offer the option to mix and match your personalised package, which enables to see to your specific wishes.

Advice Diplomatic clause
We would like to point out that, as a diplomat, you can make use of the diplomatic clause. If you leave the Netherlands earlier than expected due to unforeseen circumstances, you can make use of this clause to prematurely cancel your rental contract with Moving-In without additional costs.


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Why rent furniture for diplomats?

If you rent furniture at Moving-In, you will be able enjoy your new home directly upon arrival in the Netherlands. You will be completely unburdened in the area of interior design. No organisational issues regarding hotels or the purchase of furniture. Your home will be completely decorated in your chosen style from day one.

Are you curious about our services regarding furniture rental for diplomats? Then request a non-binding quotation, or contact one of our employees for more information! They are happy to advise you about the possibilities Moving-In has to offer.

J. van Lohuizen

J. van Lohuizen

Finance Director, Heineken

Very pleasant, professional organization! Reliable, flexible and friendly people.

K. Morozov

K. Morozov

Moving-In ensured that our bridging period ran smoothly, without worries and at an affordable price. Everything was arranged neatly and the team is very friendly, efficient and professional.

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