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Furniture rental

Furniture rental during shipment of your inventory

When you choose to ship your furniture during your move to or from the Netherlands, this usually takes a couple of weeks. Renting a temporary inventory helps you bridge this period by creating a home with temporary furnishing. Our interior designs include beds, linen, tableware, kitchen appliances, household appliances etcetera. In short, we offer everything in terms of home furnishings to bridge this (hectic) period! Moving-In unburdens and takes care of everything relating to your temporary interior design during shipping.

Furniture packages in case of shipping

Moving-In compiled several furniture packages specifically for shipping. This allows you to easily request a tailor-made quotation without too much effort. Naturally you are able to mix and match a package yourself, when you only need several items for example. No matter what you need for your temporary interior design when shipping your furniture, you can find it at Moving-In!

In case of shipment it is difficult to determine a rental period in advance, which is why at Moving-In we offer the possibility to extend your contract on a weekly basis. This way you never pay more than necessary!

Why rent furniture when shipping your own furniture?

When you opt for renting furniture at Moving-In, you are able to enjoy your new home immediately upon arrival. No high costs and troubles with organising a hotel or buying temporary furniture, but enjoying arrival in your new home. Because we work together with rental agencies and shipping companies, we are able to plan our delivery and pick-up in consultation. This way you do not have to face unnecessary costs for hotel stays

The advantages:

  • Complete home furnishings!
  • Large stock, short delivery times
  • Flexible rental periods
  • An interior for every budget
  • Quality furniture
  • 100% service warranty
  • Professional support
  • No large investments in home furnishings or hotels
  • Stylish tailor-made interior
  • Including: delivery, assembly, transport, storage, styling, service, removal

In other words: complete unburdening in terms of home furnishings!

Are you curious about our services? Then request a non-binding quotation, or contact one of our employees for more information! Our employees are happy to advise you about the possibilities of temporary interior design when your shipped furniture has not yet arrived.

K. Morozov

K. Morozov

Moving-In ensured that our bridging period ran smoothly, without worries and at an affordable price. Everything was arranged neatly and the team is very friendly, efficient and professional.

I. Bosker

I. Bosker

Our family came from New York to live in Hilversum for the year. Didn’t want to have to look for and buy furniture so Moving-In was a great option. Of the several companies yours was the best, most responsive, flexible, good customer service and reasonable prices.

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