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Temporary housing

Are you, as a housing corporation or contractor, considering to offer one or more temporary homes due to large-scale maintenance or renovation? Then contact Moving-In! Moving-In takes care of the upholstery and furniture for temporary housing throughout the Netherlands. It is this branch of maintenance and renovation specifically, where our services …

Student rooms

Are you looking for a temporary interior for yourself, a customer or colleague? With the utmost care, we supply various home furnishings with rental periods from 1 month to an indefinite period. Thanks to a wide range, we also supply kitchen crockery, linen, household appliances, decoration, lighting, etc. in addition to furniture..

Project design

Moving-In offers the solution for every project design issue. We rent and sell complete home furnishings for almost every project. We are a one-stop shop where you can also come to us for floors, paintwork and window coverings. Our project leaders and stylists are knowledgeable and know how to translate your wishes and goals clearly and efficiently into a suitable interior.

A reliable partner

Moving-In is a reliable partner when it comes to larger projects. We are familiar with all aspects that play a part in furnishing multiple homes, so you can focus on other things. By supplying directly from the manufacturer, we are able to maintain competitive prices for high quality furniture. Moving-In remains involved and approachable even after delivery. You retain lifelong service on the delivered equipment. You can continue to contact us for aftercare, maintenance and repeat orders.

Apartment complexes

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Transparent working method

Our working method is clear and transparent. You will be dealing with one permanent contact person who will guide you throughout the project from A to Z and who will remain available after completion. Only when it is completely clear what your wishes are with regard to the project, we will come up with an appropriate proposal that fits within the set budget. Thanks to our own stock and transport, we are able to provide every home with a suitable interior in the short term.

Moving-In project design is for:

  • Changing houses and guest houses for renovation projects
  • Furnishing recreational homes
  • Temporary office furnishings
  • Short rental periods at events
  • Student housing
J. van Lohuizen

J. van Lohuizen

Finance Director, Heineken

Very pleasant, professional organization! Reliable, flexible and friendly people.

D. Vijsma

D. Vijsma

Head of Facility, BNP Paribas

Flexible with planning, high quality furniture, fast response on questions, people involved in the design and within budget. Next time we would like to use Moving-in again!!!

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