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Our impact

Our sustainable goals

A circulair sense of home

Moving-In’s mission is: ‘Furnishing homes and communities worldwide in a social and circular way’. Making an impact is at the heart of what we do. We have made this endeavour transparent and measurable, so that we have a clear idea of our goals and can commit ourselves to them every day.


Our aim lies in creating a (temporary) home that truly makes people happy. Within that aim, sustainability is a key part of how we operate.

We hold fast to the pillars of The 10R model of Circularity conceived by Prof Dr Cramer: 

●    Smarter product use and manufacture
●    Extend lifespan of product and its parts
●    Useful application of materials


Our focus is primarily on the circular furnishing of properties, using furniture that we can maintain, reuse or even recycle effectively. For example, we ensure that all our furniture lasts at least 10% longer ahead of 2027. In addition, our goal is to replace once product per quarter with a cradle-to-cradle alternative.

These circular designs as well as the contribution we make to the happiness of the occupants is our attempt to make a positive impact on the world.

With our project in Pakistan we place every quarter a new water well. With one water well we can provide water for about 60 to 60 families. As of right now we have placed 13 water wells.

Stichting Meubelbank Twente

In addition to the various initiatives we carry out to support people in poverty and need, the Stichting Meubelbank Twente (Twente Furniture Bank Foundation) is an ongoing initiative that we have set up for these people. This charitable foundation (Public Benefit Organisation) is run by volunteers and Moving-In employees and acts as a ‘bank’ that assists people in poverty and need with free furniture. This is achieved by collaborating with regional and local foundations and organisations. Stichting de Meubelbank Twente was set up as a tribute to Piet, the father of the owner of Moving-In, Ruben Oraile. Want to find out why? Go to the Meubelbank Twente website to find out.

We support the job satisfaction of our employees

We have not officially linked this initiative to one of the SDG goals, but we do believe it nevertheless is crucial. Without our fantastic team, we would not be able to achieve the goals we want to achieve. That’s why their job satisfaction is extremely important to us. In 2023, we aim for all our employees to score their job satisfaction an 8 or above (on a scale of 1 to 10).

In addition, you can never make enough impact and, as such, we welcome any and all impact initiatives driven by our employees. We support at least 5 impact initiatives to support our staff in this regard. We also double every donation made to a charitable foundation (Public Benefit Organisation) by a member of staff, up to 10% of their monthly salary.

Social Return on Investment

Finally, we are also committed to assisting people with a disadvantage on the labour market. Wim, Armando and Daniel have been coming in to assist and strengthen our warehouse team every Thursday since 2014 – they’re our special crew. Despite their intellectual disabilities and autism, they are absolutely indispensable to the warehouse where they take care of all sorts of odd jobs. These extremely cheerful guys are an enrichment to our team and our corporate culture. So much so, in fact, that Wim was given a permanent contract in 2021 and works with us 32 hours a week.

The strategy behind our impact

All the activities and ways in which we seek to make an impact that we have outlined are listed in our ‘Theory of Change’. This a proven strategic method to make impact measurable. This Theory of Change has been officially tested and verified by the researchers at Alexander Impact from whom we have received official certification and by whom we are recognised as an impact organisation. 

A partnership with Moving-In therefore also means an impactful partnership. Together we can make a difference to local and international communities and selflessly invest in families facing poverty.

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